I walk in the valley of shadows
I walk in the valley of us
I’m afraid to look in the mirror
See a ghost that I used to know

I sing with the birds of tomorrow
For a morning that never will come
While I travel this night alone
To the places where we lost it all

Do you recall, do you recall
Do you recall, do you recall

I’m hoping that you will remember
How my hands used to soften your fall
How your heart was my place of light
When the dark made its home in my mind

I’ve never been gifted at goodbyes
When you wake up love I will be gone
I’m sorry I could not read your eyes
We said we would know when it’s gone

Do you recall, do you recall
Do you recall, do you recall…yeah

The lights fade in my rearview mirror
Like a world that is dying away
My thoughts do not get any clearer
And the answers feel so far away

Maybe someday we’ll meet by the river
And share the words we left unsaid
Sitting on that old Navy-blue cooler
The one with all the dents we made

Do you recall, do you recall (8x)

The music in A Time to Be Blue is soaked with influences from all the genres that have shaped me over the years. It speaks softly, breaks your heart, but also heals it. It sings of loss, but fills the hole left behind, like the ode to my mother in “She’s Gone” or the tribute to a dear friend departed too soon in “You Left Me Blue.” It rocks you gently as you curl up with a book and a cup of tea with “Naima’s Evening Song,” but also invites you to dance to the rhythms of my native city of Yaoundé in “Home.

The album is digitally available on various streaming platforms, such as YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, Deezer and more. You can listen to the album directly on our website here.

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About the Artist

Jean-Rene “JR” Ella is a guitarist/singer-songwriter who grew up in Cameroon and lives in Sacramento, California. His music distills a delightful blueness, in a melodic trip that takes you from the shores of Cameroon to the Mississippi Delta.

You can contact the artist here: contact page.

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