A Time to Be Blue


Jean-Rene Ella: Voice, sansa, classical guitar and Weissenborn guitar.

All songs are original works, except for “Le Bûcheron,” which was written by Franklin Boukaka and Manu Dibango. This album’s version is arranged by JR Ella.

Joseph “Joe” Johnston: Recording and mixing at Pus Cavern Recording Studios, Sacramento, CA.
Anne Laval: Album cover art., Strasbourg, France.
Andy Amyx: Photography, Sacramento, CA.

Walter Hildebrand: Website Design.


Pus Cavern Recording Studios: https://www.puscavern.com/

Anne Laval Illustration: http://annedessine.free.fr/

Andy Amyx Photography: https://andyamyx.smugmug.com/


Special thanks to the following people for their help and support during the creation of this album, and for being a positive force in my life:

  • Franziska Strosche
  • Miranda Currie
  • Paul Ella
  • Anne Laval
  • Irene Jalenti
  • Joe Johnston
  • Cameron Karren
  • Andy Amyx
  • Bernadette Ella
  • My entire family


J.R. Ella

Sacramento (CA)
Email: info@atimetobeblue.com

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