A Time to Be Blue (Album)
by J.R. Ella

The music in A Time to Be Blue is soaked with influences from all the genres that have shaped me over the years. It speaks softly, breaks your heart, but also heals it. It sings of loss, but fills the hole left behind, like the ode to my mother in “She’s Gone” or the tribute to a dear friend departed too soon in “You Left Me Blue.” It rocks you gently as you curl up with a book and a cup of tea with “Naima’s Evening Song,” but also invites you to dance to the rhythms of my native city of Yaoundé in “Home.”

Label: J.R. Ella
Copyright: ℗© 2022 J.R. Ella

Release year: 2022
Track Count: 10 song(s)
Album Length: 00:35:17
Genre: Alternative Folk

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